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70% of your Internet Triffic is browse on a Mobile Phone

70% of Internet Users around the world browse the web on a daily bases with their Mobile Phone, of which is no surprise... but what is more surprising is the amount of "Website Design Agencies" who fail to properly implement a Mobile Friendly Website for their Clients.



(One Years FREE Hosting)
  • Basic one page layout
  • 500 MB of storage
  • 1 x Email Mailbox
  • Help center access



(One Years FREE Hosting)
  • Upto 5 Page Layout Design
  • 1 GB of storage
  • 5 x Email Mailboxes
  • Help center access



(One Years FREE Hosting)
  • Unlimited Pages
  • 10 GB of storage
  • Unlimited Email Mailboxes
  • Help center access


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Did you know the way we search the internet is changing?

Currently, 20% of ALL Google searches are done via voice activated devices and it is expected that 50% of all Internet searches will be done this way by the end of 2020 with projecting the market to be worth $601M (USD) by the end of 2021.


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From GDPR to Web Server Security, how are you protect yourself and your clients?

With many websites running 3rd Party Plugins leading to the majority of website, users and user data being comprimises via SpyWare, MalWare, XSite Scripting, SQL Injections etc are you sure your keeping you users safe?


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